Personalized Pet Memorials

Personalized Pet Memorials
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Pet memorial poems that have comforted so many bereaved pet owners are offered here in a different format. The poem print combined with the photo of the beloved pet in this very attractive and dignified design is a fitting way to commemorate the pet who was such a big part of someone’s life. The finished piece quietly conveys love, respect, and appreciation. It is a testimony of an undying friendship.

Quality materials used to produce this photo mount enhance the visual appeal and deepen the emotion evoked by this unique combination of elegant style and the precious content: a memory of a shared life.

The pet memorial poem is laser-printed onto your choice of specialty background image paper. This will be personalized with the pet’s name, date of arrival, date of passing and a 1 line dedication. For protection it is covered with a sheet of laminate. The pet memorial poem print is inserted in the left-hand opening of your choice of photo mount. The right-hand opening is for the pet’s photograph.

We have over 30 pet memorial poems, 7 background image papers, and 7 photo mounts to choose from. Every poem can be printed onto any one of the background papers and then inserted into any one of the photo mounts. Choose from our selection of poems, or send us your favourite poem, and we will personalize it for you.

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The price of your "Personalized Photo Mount" will depend upon the photo mount that you choose. The size of photo mount depends upon the size of the photo that you want displayed.

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