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Personalized Pet Memorials
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Heykee’s Story

I was in a car accident in 1980 and ended up in a wheelchair. My husband and I were divorced, and I tried my best to stay in one piece for the sake of my three little children who lived with me. This is when Heykee appeared in our life and he would stay with us for 18 years. But back then he was just a tiny little puffball.

At first we named him Max. Every time I spoke to him I would say “Hey, kitty, kitty. Hey kee cat. Hey kee. Heykee.” Because he started coming to Heykee, that officially became his name.

Heykee’s life was in danger many times, but he was a survivor. He was hit by a car once but managed to drag himself home so that we could get him to the vet. After that he stayed very close to our place. One day he went into my neighbour’s yard, and was shot with a pellet gun. Once again he managed to drag himself home. After that incident, Heykee never left our yard. He was either on the picnic table, on my bed, or in my lap. He just loved riding around in my wheelchair curled up in my lap.

In a way, Heykee helped me to get through the difficult period of adjustment to my condition. And I think he even helped me to raise my beautiful children. I certainly give him credit for that. He was loved by everyone. And he loved everyone back. He was a very unusual cat - wise, affectionate, kind, considerate, and so undemanding! More like a really nice human being than a cat. He looked very young to the very end. Just a couple of white hairs on his chest and one white whisker. I thought he would live forever.

When Heykee died, a part of us died with him. Grief is a very real thing. I didn’t realize how deep it was until a couple of years ago. We were planning some renovations in the kitchen area, and it was suggested that we have the badly damaged frame of the back door replaced. I suddenly choked up and began to weep uncontrollably. The damage on the doorframe was caused by Heykee - the 18 years of clawing left deep grooves in the wood. I couldn’t even think about it being replaced, so we had to work around the spot. Apart from the memories, this spot is all that is physically left of Heykee - my sweet loyal kitty-cat and my best friend.

When I first read the “Rainbow Bridge” poem, I cried and cried. But those were happy tears. This beautiful poem brought my Heykee back to me for a brief moment-long enough for me to hug him and cuddle him in my heart. Yes, I do believe that real love never dies. I know that we will meet again. And that I will look once more into the trusting eyes of my pet, so long gone from my life but never absent from my heart. And then we will cross Rainbow Bridge together....

I know that the Rainbow Bridge story or one of the other memorial poems we offer will help you through your grief also.

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This site was inspired by and is dedicated to Heykee.

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